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Hello Hello Hello HELLO!
So I've been away from here for FOREVER it seems, but now I'm back -with photos!
Last thursday was opening night for the play Sårskorpor with my theatre group Teater Esther. We had shows on thursday, saturday and sunday and all of them were sold out! Such a great great feeling!
It was a fantastic few days and I can't believe it's already over.
David came to our Dress Rehearsal and filmed it so I might show you a few clips another time but he also came to one of our rehearsal days just to take photos.
I have been thinking of showing you these for a while but it just felt wrong to let you see them before people had even gotten to see the play.
So I waited.
But now, NOW I can show you!

Matilda making sure the amplifier is working as it should.
Some hugging it out before the dress rehearsal and me fastening the mic on Matilda's cheek.
Lovisa as Max, Hanna as Timo and me as Doris. In this play every actor had several roles each.
Timo and the excentric Virve getting to know eachother.
Matilda singing about the sad and lonely Isa, played by Lisa.
Doris wants to get into Joda's pants.
Lisa's other role Rolle is angry with everybody.
Joda all sad and lonely after Doris had her way with him.
We ate a lot of hotdogs in this play...
Sometimes you're just so frustrated you need to lie down on the ground and scream.
Lovisa as Dante on a date with Agneta, my other role in this play.
And the measuring tape had a small role as well. Here handled by Robert as the character Ylle.
Rolle and his friend.
Sometimes it's hard for people to meet. Sometimes it's even harder for people to want the same thing.
Hard to find a perfect fit for you.
And sometimes what you think you need isn't what you really need.
This play is a weird, fun, tragic, sweet story about friendship and love.

I know these pictures might seem really cryptic to most of you but I am so very proud of what we in Teater Esther have made and it was such a success that I just wanted to show them to you anyway. And hopefully you can see how fun we had.
We've been working on this for such a long time and it feels so strange that it's over now. We are talking about maybe putting on extra shows but we don't know anything yet, it's all about finding time you know.
I've been so tired these last couple of days and filled with a combination of complete joy over what we accomplished and sadness that it's over.
It's a weird, weird feeling, I tell you.

Autumn has been going on outside the theatre and it's been a wonderful beautiful colourful autumn this year. I feel like I've missed it because my camera isn't filled with red and yellow leaves!
I have a few things planned to change that soon though. Hopefully the last leaves stay vibrant a couple of days more so I can capure them before they leave for this season.

I've missed blogging so I hope to get back to it in the coming weeks. I have so much I want to blog about!

Oh! And don't forget! Use coupon code NEWANDFANCY to get 20% off your order in my shop! All through october, so only a few days left now!

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Hello hello!

Yes Yes Yes, I know I promised you this AGES AGO but now it's FINALLY time to show you the last of the pictures from my photoshoot with Hanna in the old Papyrus factory (You can see part one here).
Since it's actually Hannas birthday today I thought it would be the perfect time to unleash the haunting beauty that is my friend Hanna. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HANNA!
We had a great time taking these photos and I am so happy with the result. Dark, sometimes colourful, dramatic and beautiful if I may say so myself.

Sadly my camera was "singing on it's last verse" (crudely translated from the swedish phrase "Att sjunga på sista versen" which is a too good saying not to use in english as well, so go ahead english speaking people- take it, and use it!) and now when I look through the photos I can really see how hard it was to handle the camera that day. It was the camera focus that eventually broke down completely a few weeks later and lot's of photos from this day that could have turned out AMAZING were too unsharp to use. I am glad I got these really nice photos though and I'm sure I will use Hanna as a model a lot more in the future!

I am planning a huge re-vamp of my shop in the days to come and you will see a few of these photos (and some more that didn't get blogged) in there. This is the biggest change I've ever done in my shop and I really look forward to showing you. Only a few days left now...
Pop over to my shop already though because the Clearance SALE will be over in two days time so hurry, HURRY!

I hope your weekend was all you wanted it to be, wether it being cozy sofa chill or wild and crazy nights out. I have been working most of the weekend, both at home and at my other work, but I had some time for wine and popcorn, an evening run and some reading. This evening will be spent infront of the computer because if I'm going to be showing you the fancy makeover of my shop in a few days I've got my work cut out for me.

So I hope you enjoyed seeing more from the spooky Papyrus factory. Do you have a favourite of the photos? I think mine might be the third from the bottom, I just love the smile in Hannas face and all the colours surrounding her.
Have a nice sunday evening and start of the new week, everybody.

Bye for now!
Photo by David's friend Fredrik.
Hello, hello, hello!
I am so very very married!
Last saturday David and I had our wedding and it was the most magical day ever. We had planned for it to be a relaxed and joyful day without stress and rules. And that was exactly what it was! And so much better than we could have ever imagined.
It was a sunny day, but the clouds were dangerously dark around the time for the ceremony. No reason for worry, though. All those clouds just made for dramatic skies in the photographs and the day kept on in a sunny fashion.
I OF COURSE had my iPhone with me and so I documented parts of the preparations. Some of those photos you will see here but many of these are taken by our friends and their smartphones. I've edited most of them with the VSCOCam app (Love it!) except for some of them that's edited by the person who took the photo.
We had a few friends take pictures with fancy cameras too and you will get to see them too but for now: hope you enjoy a little peek at our wedding day.
David and Lotta. August 24 2013.
The day started with preparations. Inger, a dear friend of my family, helped with the table decorations.
Yes, it's a green house. Yes, this is where the dinner and party was held. Lovely, isn't it?
My mother was in charge of the flowers. We had picked them along the roads close to where we have our house in Rörum. Wild flowers and straws and some roses from our garden.
The view from the wedding couples' seat.
Decorations in 3D...
I walked up to the place of the ceremony to wipe off spider webs and bird poop from the chairs that we had brought there the day before. It was such a weird and lovely feeling to be up there all alone only a few hours before the wedding ceremony. I stood there for a few minutes and looked at the view and tried to imagine what it would feel like when it was happening four hours later. I felt such a calm and excited feeling and skipped down the hill to do the last of the preparations in the green house before it was time for me to be dolled up by my friend Johanna.
Photo and editing by Johanna.
And here we are! Our friends and family had gathered in our garden for drinks and snacks and we had time to walk around and say hi to everybody before it was time to march together up the hill.
Photo by my sister Sara.
David and I took the longer way because my dress prevented me from climbing the wooden stairs over the fence. Our guests looked like lemmings in the distance.
Photo and editing by Johanna.
All of our guests made it to the top!
Photo by Becka.
Here we are, soon on top of the hill!
And this is how you carry a very large tulle dress when walking up a hill surrounded by sheep poo.
Photo and editing by Johanna.
We met up with Else-Beth who was going to marry us.
Photo by Joel.
And then it was time to start.
Photo and editing by Johanna.
I couldn't keep from crying. It was just too emotional standing there, at that beautiful place with all our favourite people around us, hand in hand with my David.
Photo by my sister Sara.
And then we exchanged pocket watches. We didn't exchange any rings because we are happy with our wooden engagement rings. Instead we had bought antique pocket watches and engraved them in the back (You will see more of them in another post).
This was such a lovely moment, filled with joy. And both of us managed to lock the chains around each other's necks without any problems!
This photo was taken by Johanna with our polaroid camera.
And then it was photographed by me, with my iPhone. Super meta, haha!
And David gets his pocket watch too.
This and the following two photos was taken by David's friend Fredrik.
And we're married!
I love these photos so much! It looks like we're standing in a painting and that is exactly how it feels up there.
After the ceremony we made mojitos for everybody and people sat down on blankets to enjoy the view and the company. And I was back to taking photos again, haha!
This is Ida, Christian, Aili and Jonas. Lovely people! Aili and Jonas were our wedding witnesses, by the way.
Joel, Olle and Maja looking good in the sunshine.
Don't know who took this photo since it was from my sister's phone.
My sister and niece Hilda.
Same goes for this photo...
Me, my sister and nephew Alfred. And my husband (!) lurking around in the background.
Photo by David.
Then it was time to walk down the hill again. David and I took the longer way again and I had a bag of ice over my shoulder. Lots of skirt to carry!
Polaroid photo by Claes.
We took photos of all our guests with the polaroid camera. And one of us too, of course.
Photo and editing by Johanna.
In the green house before dinner!
Johanna made my hair and makeup. The flower crown is made by me and the dress was made by the amazing Jennie Lööf.
Photo by Marie Mandelmann, who made this amazing kanelbulle cake!
This is our wedding cake.
An enormous Kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) as a tribute to my all time favourite movie Äppelkriget that was filmed in this very part of Sweden and where a car motor magically turns into a giant cinnamon bun...
Photo and editing by Johanna.
The bride gets to break the cake!
Photo by Olle.
And the night came and lots of colourful lamps and candles lit up the beautiful greenhouse.
We ate the most amazing food you could ever imagine, all made of food from the farm we were on.
We danced to our favourite music mixed with some hits from the early 1990's since David and I was a couple then for the first time.
It was the most amazing day and night and we couldn't be happier.
This will be with us for a very long time.

Now we are husband and wife. YAAY!
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Hello hello!

Last monday David and I went to Glasgow, Scotland to bring home my wedding dress.
My friend Jennie lives in Glasgow and since we got to know each other at a school where I studied theatre and she sewing I knew that she would be the right person for my not so traditional wedding dress.
She's working at a theatre so we were there a lot during the week for fittings and detail discussions and just goofing around with the play props laying around the room. David and I also had opportunity to walk around Glasgow and since we had some things we wanted to find for the wedding we spent a lot of time shopping. And eating.
Here's some snippets of our days in Glasgow.
Evening walk in Queen's park.
Say hi to Stand In Lotta.
Jennie made her last time I was in Glasgow, in may. I wore a t-shirt and Jennie covered me in duct tape so I could hardly breathe. Then she cut the duct tape in the back, stuffed me with left over fabric and taped me back together again.
Since last time Stand In Lotta had become a bit more wobbly and out of shape but she worked fine until I could be there instead. Then she was useless and stood there on her four legs and looked sort of left out.
Boxes for your everyday needs...
We found our wedding accessories...
Oh, how I regret that I didn't take this with me. Such a fabulous headpiece!
David and I spent a few hours roaming around West End with all it's vintage and charity shop heaven.
And we ate cauliflower and mustard soup. That was my favourite soup at a café in Midhurst, England, where I lived for a year with my dear friend Lisa (or Sambon as I usually call her). Such a nostalgic taste for me now!
Banana and blueberry cake and latte for me. One giant meringue with whipped cream and berries for David.
Jennie hiding behind a cloud of tulle.
David entertaining himself listening to podcasts in the background.
When we came home we spent a day sleeping and running around town searching for all those things we didn't find in Glasgow.

On saturday I thought I had theatre practice. Apparently I was fooled.
My friends threw me a bachelorette party! Such a great day with lots of nice things. I was so happy the entire day!

Today is a day of last minute packing. So many things to bring with us! Clothes, wedding surprises, makeup, and don't forget the wedding dress!
I have to get going now. FIVE DAYS LEFT, my friends and readers.
And for you with instagram I recommend you to follow me for more photos (lottalosten is my name there, as always) and check out the hashtag #lottvidwed to see photos from our wedding guests.

Wiiiiii! This is so exciting!

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