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Today was my Autumn Hat Premiere.
David chose some (not so) holy light on his scalp instead.

So I went to a hairdresser the other day. It was maybe one and a half years since last time. About time, so to speak.
For me this is a big change but nobody really seems to notice that I've cut off 25 cm of my hair.
Well, it doesn't feel like I have steel wool instead of hair anymore anyway...
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Don't mind my crazy face; check out my new pretty iPhone case! It's made of bamboo! (Bought it on etsy of course, from the shop TWoodzing.)

Back to work today. Will blog lots of nice posts later this week, I promise.

Until then: Tjingeling!
Haha, I love Davids puppy eyes in this photo. Makes me want to pat him om his head.
Dagens hiss inträffade igår kväll efter en kvällspromenad över kyrkogården. Många fina foton tagna som ni ska få se senare ikväll.

Fick en beställning på bröllopssmycken idag. Sånt gör mig så väldigt glad. Ville bara säga det.
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This was taken yesterday evening when we came home from a stroll around the big churchyard next to our house. I took plenty of photos that I will show you later today.

I got an order for wedding jewelry earlier today. Those things make me so very happy. Just wanted to tell you that.
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