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David and I decided it was high time we visited the family summer house for a few days of writing and clearing our heads a little.
It's been rainy and miserable in Gothenburg lately so we were so happy to wake up to wonderful sunshine yesterday.
I decided to document the entire day because I've really missed that kind of blogging.
So, here's my entire day yesterday.
Woke up late. We always do that here.
The first two days are sort of foggy too, especially in winter because the house is warming up after a couple of cold months, so it's cold and a bit damp before both the house and we have gotten used to the whole thing. The day after we arrived we were so tired we could hardly keep our eyes open.
Well, that was a sidetrack, let's continue with yesterday.
Breakfast was two avocado toasts with salt and pepper, and a cople of cups of coffee with milk.
A pile of orange cloves.
Drank some more coffee and checked the internet for a while.
(And check out that little fruit sticker underneath my slippers. It's still there, I can't be bothered to remove it right now. Mabe later.)
Then we went out for a walk. Walked past the hen houses.
Said hello to some hens.
Bright sunlight behind hay bales.
And then we heard someone calling for us. We turned around and this little fellow was running towards us. Such a cutie!
We love eachother.
I always wish I weren't allergic when we meet one of these super friendly cats around here. I can be around them for a few days but it won't really work out having them in my home. So sad.
For a video with this adorable cat click here .
We said goodbye to our new friend and walked to our tree. It's ours because we got married underneath it in august 2013.
Over the stile we went.
And up the steep hill.
And then we had to catch our breaths for a while.
And check out the beautiful view.
It was very windy and cold up there. As you can see.
Took a few self timer photos of us too, of course.
And then we began our walk down the hill again.
To say hello to all the sheep!
(And sorry to the sheep in the front who got himself captured on photo while pooping...)
Flowers in wintertime.
When we got back to the house it started to get dark outside so we heated the fish stew we made the day before. I found the recipe online (it's in swedish though) and we're definitely making this one again! Lots of vegetables, lemon, oranges, chili flakes and thyme makes this soup a wonderfully spicy taste explosion.
After dinner I sat and edited photos from way back in november. I'm so behind on this!
Then I read through what David and I have been writing on.
This is our set up when we're here by the way. We eat on one side of the table and work on the other.
And a poke on the nose is absolutely necessary, of course.
Back to editing again. And looking up at my beautiful husband once in a while.
Clementines and coffee kept me going.
(Love Love Love that mug! We got it from friends as a wedding gift and it stays here in this house so I'm always happy when I get to use it.)
Listened to podcasts and worked by our computers until our tummies started to growl. Sandwiches with crisp apples on them is super tasty so don't knock it until you've tried it, alright!

And then it was night and time for bed.
So that was my day yesterday. Hope you liked to see this little glimpse into my life.

See you soon again!

Today I wanted to share something with you that I've been working on for quite some time now. It's a little project I'd like to call A Lotta Dancing and it's exactly as it sounds. It's a lotta dancing.
The idea to this has sort of snuck up on me for a while. When I was a child I used to hate going on walks because when I saw a beautiful glade, a fascinating tree or a wonderful hidden cave at the side of the track, the grown ups always walked past it, and I wanted to go there and sit and dream for at least an hour or so.
This has not grown out of me. I do love to go on walks though, but that feeling of wanting to stay in the magical surroundings and just be there is still as strong within me.
Nowadays that feeling is accompanied by another urge. To dance.
To move around in a way that that exact place encourages me to. All by myself, just to absorb the environment as much as I possible can.
In this first installment, of what I hope will turn into a series, it's a large forest making me feel like the tiniest human being alive.
Dancing barefoot on sticks and moss and letting the light seep through the branches onto my sholders. To imagine myself being completely lost among the trees, yet not be scared.
I'm combining my love for photography, magical or weird places, self portraits and dancing and turning it into this: A Lotta Dancing.
I hope you like it. There is definitely more to come because this world has so many places that needs to be danced in.

Talk to you soon!

Today David and I have been married for one year.
One year of being husband and wife to eachother.
We were a couple for almost seven years before we got married and after so many years together we knew a marriage wouldn't really change things, just make it more MORE. Plus, I get to call you husband now. And you call me your wife. And that sounds really nice.

We still have our old names, we still sleep in an incredibly small bed, you still snore, I still leave the toilet lid up, we are still really crap at taking care of the dishes and we still laugh at the most silly things imaginable.

And I think that's how it will be for the rest of our lives. I sure hope so, because life with you is wonderful and weird and I love you more than the entire earth, all the universe (including all those planets that nobody even knows of yet) and I can't imagine my life without you.
Du är bäst! (INGEN PROTEST!)

We took these photos a few days ago at the exact spot where we got married last year.
If you wan't to see and read more about our wedding you can do that here and here.
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I'm in serious vacation mode and can't understand how the days seem to be disappearing a whole lot faster than normally.
There HAVE been days though, the photos in my iPhone tells me so, and when looking through them today I thought it would be nice to take a little peek at what's been going on these past weeks.
Light testing in the Sandberg/Losten household looks a little bit like this.
One day my sister came to Gothenburg and we spent a big part of the afternoon in this park with flamingo showers. My niece and nephew are cuter than possible.
My new sunglasses arrived! The golden shades are a little bit too shiny but the black ones are fantastic.
My dear friend Fia who lives in South Africa is in Sweden visiting family and friends. She came to Gothenburg for a few days and it was absolutely wonderful to see her! Fia is the one in the middle, hugged by Kristin and me. The little cutey on the ground is Fia's daughter Moya.
Fia's husband Christo and little baby Moya again.
David helped me make my video for This Growing Collection. This is from the first of two days of filming, during the wonderful golden hour.
I worked hard on getting everything ready for launch last monday.
Took a break to catch the last rays of sunshine in my hair.
As a rule my hair seems to look the best when it's time to go to bed.
Here you can clearly see my anger and frustration at the entire situation.
Last week I cut my hair for the first time in about 15 months. It was about time.
As always the hairdresser insists on flattening my hair to the point of ridiculousness. It looks sort of nice in this photo but in real life it looks weird. Like I haven't got any hair at all. I have really thin hair but the natural waves makes it look a lot thicker and I just don't understand how hairdressers can't understand that flat and shiny is not always a good thing.
One morning we were out of coffee filters and I do what I always do when that happens (Yes, it's a reccuring thing).
Toilet paper!
I have the character Lelaina Pierce in the wonderful 90's movie Reality Bites to thank for this useful tip.
Yep, it works surprisingly well and only tastes a little papery...
And here's a glimpse of how it is to be married to David.
You'll get a drawing of a cat pushed under the door while you're on the toilet.
Who needs a cat when you can have a David?
The day after I released This Growing Collection was a slow and tired kind of day. Didn't do much more than take this self portrait.
David and I went to Österlen for a few days.
On our way to the family house we always drive through this wonderful beech forest. This time we decided to go back there to take some photos and explore a little.
What we found though was a fairytale forest right next to all the beech trees!
We loved it so much we had to go back the day after as well.
I got an idea during the night and the last thing I said to David before I fell asleep was "We need to go back to the forest again tomorrow!" So back we went.
I took a lot of photos and hopefully I can show them to you soon.
Both of these photos are taken with the self timer app TimerCam and edited with Snapseed.
An evening walk in a painting.
On saturday my mother, David and I went to the garden cafe Kaffestugan Alunbruket. Such a beautiful place!
Astor the cat was adorable as always.
On our last evening in Rörum for this time David and I took a walk through the little village and talked about creativity, film ideas and autumn arriving.
I can feel it in the air, summer is almost over. The best season is coming.

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