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So this is what I've been up to lately.
I've been making jewelry late into the night:
I've taken still life pictures of new jewelry pieces and pretty things:
I've looked in awe at my mango plant that was NOTHING two weeks ago but a fairly large seed in some soil, and now it looks like this! We're talking the long leafed plant in the middle that looks almost exactly like an avocado plant if you happen to know how those look like and thought to yourself "hey that's an avocado plant!" Then I can assure you: it is not. It's a mango that I ate a month ago then relieved the seed from inside the large core, planted it in a pot and watched as nothing happened for about two weeks and then BAM! Everything happened in no time at all! I'm amazed.
I've also been really happy lately that the seed pod I found on the ground in South Africa a couple of years ago turned out to be a Jacaranda tree (if my googling skills are right, which of course they are) and is growing nicely in my kitchen window.
I've been taken self portraits with the TimerCam app again and turned them into black and white dramatic photos:
I've been out running in the evenings and marvelled over our neighbourhood trees as they have been exploding in green leaf loveliness.
I have ventured into japanese recipes and cooked a couple of lovely noodle soups. This is going to be a thing this season in the Losten/Sandberg household, for sure! So tasty!
I've rediscovered my vintage fruit bowl scarf. It's a huge, soft, colourful scarf with fruit all over it. I love it like it was new every single year (I've had it for over ten years now) and it's definitely one of my favourite thrifting finds.
And that was all from me today.
Hope you're having a nice start of the week. I'm all confused about the week days since I've been working all weekend. But that is normal for me, no clue of what day of the week it is.
Monday! Off to theatre rehearsals!

Two of Gothenburg in between seasons.
One afternoon with bright light and fresh air, and one early evening running on a rainy wet cemetery.
Two photos of work for
One editing the photos you saw in this post, and one sitting at a café working with my Strangers.
Two of me in my grandmothers old suede coat.
One in the elevator on my way home and one on the season premiere of wearing sunglasses!
This coat has been hanging in my wardrobe over ten years and I haven't used it that much for some reason. But this spring I fell in love with it all over again. It has these short trumpet sleeves that makes it a bit cold on my wrists but the coat itself is quite warm so it's an inbetween seasons coat and that has been perfect for the Gothenburg weather lately.
But I think I can safely say that spring is here now! Yaay!

Hej hej!
Being busy made me forget to take photos because never before has my iPhone album been so empty (Empty might be an exaggeration. There's still 1060 photos in there...)
But! There have been some moments worth documenting so let's take a look, shall we?
As my birthday gift my mother and I went on a fleamarket spree and I got this beautiful teapot. I have at least nine teapots already but since I broke one a week earlier I thought it was OK for me to get a new one...
Oh, and this is dinner for me. Popcorn and tea. There's nothing better.
One day I rearranged my side of our work room. It solved a lot of problems so I'm very happy with the result.
David and I went to Österlen and it was cold as heck in the house!
I made a fruit plate that looked and tasted amazing.
We ate roasted tomato soup and garlic bread while it was storming outside.
One day I woke up to this gorgeous light. It had been rainy and stormy the entire week so this was such a nice change!
It was quite cold that one day. This winter has been SO weird. It's like spring outside and two days ago I saw a Magnolia tree ready to burst out in flowers. I started yelling at the buds "STAY STILL IT'S STILL WINTER YOU FOOLS!"
We found a spooky tree and an INCREDIBLE view.
We also found an over cuddly kitten.
The day we went back to Gothenburg it was foggy.
Midnight picnic on the floor with tea and shortbread working on a flowery GIF.
The week before Christmas I attended the Christmas fair in the mall Nordstan. Here you can see me hiding from customers. No, not really. I was putting things like bags and ribbons and boxes under the table since that was my storage room of sorts.
All the jewelry displayed and ready!
On december 22 it was my last day at the christmas fair and it was David's and my 7 year anniversary. We went for a meal at a nice restaurant and on our way home we kissed in the elevator.
The rest of the night it was packing and fixing mayhem in our work room. The day after we drove to our families and left it all like this to deal with after the holidays. It was reeeally nice to leave it there but not so great to come home to. It's all gone now though.
Alfred and Astor the cat getting to know eachother.
I was working the entire night on New years eve so David and I celebrated a day early. It actually felt like New Years for real. We toasted on our balcony at midnight and watched Fireworks on my phone.
I started the year with being sick in some kind of cold. After staying inside recovering for a few days it was nice to get outside for a walk. We went to the cemetery where it was rainy and sombre and spooky. Just the way I like it.

See you soon again!

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It's been a while since I showed you what's going on in my life during just an ordinary day. I'm planning for a post like that soon, but because I've been so busy lately with the theatre and everything I have almost exclusively taken photos with my iPhone instead of my Nikon. Here's some glimpses into the last couple of months, seen through my phone camera.
Autumn came and the cemetery looked so beautiful on my evening run. I haven't had the time to run for some time now and I really miss it. I need to buy some better running clothes before I get out again though because the weather is getting too cold for my flimsy pants and hoody.
A bit fuzzy, sadly, but I love this photo! I desperately wanted to run through the leaf pile but I thought of the poor person that would have to rake it all up again the day after. I hate being a grown up sometimes. Children don't care about things like that! Or maybe they do. I don't now.
Can you think of a more beautiful place for running in the evenings? I sure can't.
One evening I spotted a spider web on the balcony.
I have edited a LOT of photos lately of my jewelry. The shop is looking gorgeous with all these new photos!
I bought a Jackalope brooch from the amazing etsy shop Hungry Designs. Isn't it so beautiful! It looks lovely among my other brooches as well.
The leaves started to look pretty and I spent most of my time outside looking for the brightest most colourful leaves I could find.
One evening the red traffic light painted David's face.
On our rehearsal weekend a couple of weeks ago I brought my lamp and kitchen chairs to the theatre as they were part of the set. Here I am waiting outside for the rest of Teater Esther.
It was a lot of work to get get everything in order but it is such a great feeling to know that we made all of it by ourselves with some help from amazing friends. Up on the ladder is Hanna, and Lisa is the one makeing sure Hanna won't fall down. On the stage behind is our light and sound guy Joel.
One morning I was all out of coffee filters. I had a Lelaina moment and used some toilet paper instead. For those of you who haven't tried this and wonder about the taste: it works surprisingly well! Especially if you use a non fuzzy toilet paper.
I made approximately 180 cookies for the play's intermission. It's a recipe from my grandmother and it makes the best cookies in the world. People went crazy for them, one man even went back to the kitchen just before the play was about to start again and knocked on the door because he just "needed more of those cookies"!
I have a post planned to show you more of that, if you're interested.
After opening night and everything felt AMAZING! It is the best feeling in the world when a play you're in is a success. It feels like flying!
Autumn is just perfect clothes weather! This over sized cardigan doesn't get used enough since it's white and only fits the weather a few days a year it seems but I think it's so pretty!
Feeling dramatic in my cape the day after opening night. Still a bit high on life and theatre.
My sister came all the way from Stockholm to see the play. It was nice to get to hug my niece Alfred again who, as you can see, is a penguin.
A selfie in the lounge just before the sunday show.
Intermission. Lovisa explains something really important to us. Lisa listens intently. I love the contrast between Lovisa's colourful clothing and Lisa's more neutral ones.
And this is from yesterday. I have started working on a new pair of shoes. I found a pair of plain white cotton shoes this summer and finally got to work yesterday. Sparkly purple and shimmering pearlescent. They look almost completely metallic today!
Love them so far, and just ordered a gazillion shoelaces on ebay. So excited to see how they turn out!

I'm soon off to work the evening shift but after that I'll be having a week off work and that is going to be just great!
Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you.

See you soon!
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