When I was a child I had my very own kingdom.
It was next to a little stream in the fishing village where my family spent our summers.
On one side of the stream there was a small path leading down to the ocean, and on the other side was my kingdom. Underneath huge ferns I could lie down and not be seen by a single person walking by with towels under their arms, ready to go for a swim.
I remember feeling so safe there. And very very sneaky. I probably giggled a lot. And there were most likely at least a couple of grownups who did see me but was nice enough to let me believe I was completely invisible.
When I told my parents about my Kingdom they asked if I didn't mean I was the queen. In Swedish we have a word for a country lead by a king and one word for a country lead my a queen.
I remember thinking that the queen is not as high in rank as a king so I said No, I'm the best, so therefore I'm the king.
Kind of sad to realize how gender roles form us so early on, but at the same time I really like how I didn't feel limited by my gender. King was at the top. Queen was next in line. The gender of the person being King or Queen didn't matter at all.
So I was the King of my Kingdom of Ferns.

I still search for Kingdoms to rule.
Where we live now there's a tree with a magical portal in its branches.
I noticed it one afternoon on my way home. I walked with my head in the clouds and all of a sudden I was standing right underneath it.
I stopped. And stared.
It felt almost the exact same way as when I found my Kingdom of Ferns. In my mind a place no one has ever seen before.
The branches had formed a circle, a portal to another space and time in its foliage. I snapped this photo and had trouble to move forward. I just wanted to stay there, on the sidewalk, looking straight up into the greenness.
The other day when I was on my way to the grocery store I walked underneath the tree again. I tilted my head back and dreamed I could transport myself through the portal and exist in a magical place bathed in green light for a little while. My Kingdom.
My Kingdom of the Magical Tree Portal.

Here is the much overhyped blog post about my walk over the hills!
There was a point when I thought I would just give up on ever showing you this, but NO I'm not a quitter! That's not who I am!
So, even if these photos might be more interesting for me, I really love them and I want them to be on this blog as a part of this whole LA adventure I'm on right now.
OKAY! Stop talking!
I had heard about a cute outdoor café in Griffith Park that was a 40 min walk away from where we live right now. There was a boring route and a swirly twirly one over the hills so I obviously chose the last one. GOOD CHOICE, LOTTA!
These flowers grow on a huge tree on our street. Its like a massive pink cloud greeting me every day. So pretty!
I really like to use google maps when I'm out walking because it makes me more brave, and I get to see places I wouldn't find otherwise. And this day google took me past houses with cactuses standing in line...
...and the perfect house hiding up on a hill behind a plank.
Cactus and Agave. I love desert plants in gardens soon much!
So cute! I found like a million streets and houses that made me exclaim I WANT TO LIVE HERE! out loud.
Google brought me to a dead end street where I just stood and stared for the longest time. Where do I go from here?! Then, I found a secret staircase hiding behind two houses. It felt like I was walking straight into someones garden.
Cactus cluster.
Walked the wrong way for a little while but that was okay because all of a sudden the Hollywood sign peeked out behind the houses.
So green and lush! (Probably due to a loooot of watering despite the drought).
I was the only person out walking in these neighborhoods and it was so quiet. Made me feel like I was snooping around.
Pretty details everywhere!
It was super warm (around 35 celsius degrees) and the hills are really steep so I was so sweaty and tired when I finally saw the sign for the café.
Cute ladies infront of me in line.
When I saw they had granola with fruit and yoghurt it felt like that was The Exact Thing that I craved in that moment. I love when that happens. When you don't yet know what you want but then you see it and it feels like an angel choir is singing in your head.
It was perfect! Shade under the trees, great lemonade. I sat there for quite a while.
Then I took the easier route back. It started off really fairytale pretty.
Fluffy, fluffy flower that I still kinda think is an animal.
Old man stretching.
And then I got out of Griffith Park and walked home.
When I got home I was shaking from exhaustion. I'm not used to walking this long in such heat and in steep hills, so I don't know how my body will react. I can walk quite fast and long but when I stop it's like I realize then and there how hard I've pushed my body.

Since this day I've walked here three more times, I just love it so much.

Hope you liked to tag along on my walk over the hills.
Have a lovely weekend dear friends and readers!

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It's been one of those days when everything is strange in a dream like way. Not a very good dream though. Just strange.
Just a self portrait in a staircase in my speech coach's garage.
It started at 7.15 when we woke up by a beeping sound. Not the alarm clock. No, it was a fire alarm running out of battery. There's one right over the bed so we took that apart. But it kept beeping. Oh, there's another fire alarm in the hallway. That's the one!
Okay, problem solved. And we started off the day feeling a little bit like Phoebe in Friends when she's failing to get the fire alarm to stop beeping.
One of my plans for the day was to finally blog the photos from the walk over the hills. The other day I told you about my problems with making the photos smaller and YOU KNOW WHAT!? I still have that stupid problem.
But after asking for help on Facebook, and getting so many great and helpful tips the problem remained. Someone mentioned it might be my new fancy retina screen that makes the photos look blurry. Okay, so everybody with retina screens will see my photos blurry but everyone with regular screens will see them perfectly unblurry? That is just weird.
I feel tired and angry with it all right now. Bluörgh.
So, I decided to go for a walk to clear my head a little bit. On my way down the stairs I managed to throw my right knee into a sharp edge of a chair. (Last week I hit my left knee on a sharp corner in the staircase. My knees obviously hate me.) It hurt SO MUCH I had to lie down for a while.
Later, when I was doing the dishes after my lunch, our landlady came by with a security dude. "Did something happen with your fire alarms this morning?"
Huh? Yes?
Apparently, when we touched the first fire alarm the security system went off. When they couldn't get a hold of our landlady they called Every Single Person on her emergency contact list telling them something was wrong.
That Phoebe moment really went a little bit overboard.

So now my plan is to go for a walk again. We'll see if that happens.

(Oh, and the very over hyped blog post about the walk over the hills? I don't really feel like posting it today. I'm mad at those photos. We are not friends right now. Maybe some other day. )

Talk to you soon!

This past week I've been trying to blog every day but something has gone wrong Every Single Day. Sometimes it was the internet connection messing with me, but mostly it's been all about the photos, and getting them to a smaller size without making them blurry.
On friday I walked to a cafe with my mind set on finally getting the blog post done, since I thought I had the photo size problem under control.
Well. No, of course not.
I've tried the program built into the computer and an app but nooo, the pictures got all blurry. I was so angry I could cry.
Because I hate being angry with technology. I hate being a person that gets frustrated when I don't understand how to fix things.
I ended up writing a long text about wanting to cry because of a computer. Just to have done something on my trip to the cafe.
Well, I have now solved the problem and have a program that makes the photos smaller without screwing them up and making me want to scream. So YAY!
The post I was going to blog is about when I walked over the hills and brought my camera along with me. I am still a little bit angry with the whole damn thing so I thought I'd post something else entirely just to get blogging again.
Looong story about me being bad at technology (and programs being bad at the ONE thing they're supposed to do), so lets talk about these photos instead, shall we?

It was at dusk a while ago and the light was so lovely I went to get my camera to capture the colors.
This huge Agave is so fascinating to me. We don't have anything remotely similar in Sweden, and I think it looks almost like an alien. The blue green color, the thorns, the texture. Beautiful.
And together with this sneaky, vibrant, green and wispy plant it looks dreamy.
Yes! Alien tentacles!
Lovely, isn't it?

Soooo, hopefully I will stop being mad at the photos from the walk over the hills so you'll get to see them.
But anyways: talk to you soon!

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