5 things making me happy.
Running (well, still mostly walking but it's getting better) through the churchyard Östra kyrkogården in beautiful evening light.
Writing on a new screenplay with David and really loving the story we've come up with.
Eating enormous piles of watermelon.
Walking past the indian restaurant in our neighbourhood with the sweetest misspelled renovation sign.
My new lipbalm with the smell of unicorn farts. Bought it from Long winter soap on etsy and love it!
A week or so.
My phone is filled to the brim with photos again! Let's take a peek.
When David and I were on our way to a fleamarket we had to stop and ask the locals for direction. They were not very helpful.
Our neighbourhood chestnut tree started to blossom. A lot.
I went out running. Yes, it's true. On my way home I stopped and looked up in to the green for a while.
I have been waiting for the ferry a lot. And taking photos of strangers...
One day last week it was super hot but on the ferry it was lovely and windy! So practical when I've been riding my bike really fast and getting all sweaty. Thank you wind for making me look fresh again in no time!
I've been enjoying the sunsets. Like this one.
And this one was my favourite.
Silhouettes of cranes at Hisingen island.
One evening I side-braided my hair. Thought to myself that I was one of those long haired ladies in movies who braid their hair at night in front of a large mirror in a candlelit room. Then I laughed really hard.
I just love this photo from the fair the other day. I like to imagine that he controls everybody with tiny, invisible strings, like a puppet master.
Yesterday on a fleamarket in Majorna I found these two cuties. I got them really cheap and I actually think they are quite collectable. I love Moomins. My friend Jenny loves them even more so I bought the bigger one for her.
The rest of the day was spent with my lovely theatre group Teater Esther. This is Lovisa and Frida eating sushi in Redbergsparken.
And this is Hanna and Olle. They are cool. As you can see. Lisa was there too but didn't stick on any photo apparently. She's cool too, I promise.
You will meet them all in a post later this week...
We were rehersing on the play we are doing. Imagine this is a beach.
This is Siv giving Ingrid a neck massage. Or Lovisa and Hanna. Hard to tell when they are in costume...
Me? I looked like this. Of course.
And I'll end this post with a glimpse of my shockingly white bare legs waiting for the ferry earlier today.
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1. En del av mig. 2. Vintagepärlor som kom med posten. 3. Kiwi och turkisk Halva som mellanmål. 4. Blå ben i trapphus. 5. Bästa vännen med en hermelinkanin. 6. Lotta med en hermelinkanin. 7. Fådda fina gamla saker.
Har längtat länge på att Androidversionen av Instagram ska släppas, så nu när den är här har jag givetvis skaffat ett konto!
De här bilderna är lite av det jag har lagt upp de senaste dagarna. Om ni vill följa mig hittar ni mig som lottalosten.
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